Mosaic is a secure and collaborative community platform where researchers can develop, improve, and share data and methods to facilitate the translation of microbiome research into clinical applications.

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Organize Data

  • Workspaces: a venue for data organization, collaboration, and analysis
  • Studies and Runs: organize sequencing data and associated metadata
  • Search: search metadata from any Workspace, Run, Study, App or Execution that are accessible to the user

Interact with Data

  • Public Apps: instantly run state-of-the-art publicly available microbiome tools. No more installation!
  • Private Apps: implement your own tools in an easy-to-access environment
  • Workflows: chain individual apps into pipelines
  • Execution tracking: monitor running jobs and access completed executions
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Share Data and Collaborate

  • Groups: manage collaborating teams
  • Discussions: a forum to post discussion topics and engage the community to juxtapose their answers
  • Data and app sharing: control access to data and tools
  • Licensing Terms: acknowledgment of licensing terms to Workspaces, Apps and Assets

Community Challenges

  • Mosaic Community Challenge: Strains- advancing microbiome profiling
  • Mosaic Community Challenge: Standards- identifying sources of variability in microbiome analyses
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