Mosaic has been developed and is maintained by DNAnexus Inc., a leader in cloud bioinformatics. DNAnexus has extensive experience in building secure and scalable platforms that enable computational analyses of biological data on the cloud.


Janssen Research & Development, LLC, through its Janssen Human Microbiome Institute, provides the vision, strategy, and design of Mosaic community challenges to seek answers to specific questions that are intended to speed the translation of science into novel products.

The BioCollective (TBC) creates a hub around their crowd-sourced microbiome samples, with individual stool sample aliquots and high level data sequencing data available for license or purchase. TBC is proud to participate in the Standards Challenge as the official supplier of the stool sample aliquots being distributed for sequencing.

DNA Genotek is a leading provider of products for biological sample collection and stabilization. Using their OMNIgene buffer to stabilize the Standards Challenge samples ensures the microbial community composition is held constant from production through shipping to participants’ labs.

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