Mosaic Community Challenge: Strains

December 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018

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Mosaic Challenges incentivize the research and product development communities to seek answers to specific questions that will speed the translation of science into insights to inform novel product development.

Background & Motivation:
Why do Strains Matter?


Profiling a microbiome sample is the fundamental step in any microbiome analysis. Current state-of-the-art methods based on next-generation sequencing methods can predict organisms down to the genera and species level.

However, within the same species, individual strains can elicit different functionality and metabolic response, making strain-level identification and quantification key to the development and tracking of microbiome-based health solutions. It is critical to be able to accurately determine the type and quantity of microbes in a sample at the strain-level in order to bring safe and effective products to market, and to accurately monitor their status within the human body.

How the Challenge Works


Participants will contribute to the improvement of strain-level microbial analysis methods while also testing industry or proprietary tools in a secure and collaborative environment. Three types of analyses will be evaluated; profiling, assembly, and binning

As a participant in the challenge, you will:

  • Create your apps or pipelines on Mosaic, or on your own  system, to analyze the test datasets.
  • Submit the test results for evaluation, visualization and  comparison with other users’ test results.
  • Iterate testing to improve your tools.
  • Apply tools on the Challenge dataset and submit results  as your entry to the competition.

When the challenge closes, your results for the challenge datasets will be evaluated and the overall results published. All results will be accessible on the Mosaic Platform and any shared apps can be utilized on other datasets.



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